Your product vision represents a unique identity and value that will dramatically change how individuals interact and influence society. Achieving such a vision requires a complete breakdown of actionable tasks, backlog of user stories, use cases, and timely execution.

As your partner, we help you plan, prioritize, and deliver software that meets your requirements and deadlines. Our iterative approach helps companies of different stages deliver a Minimum Viable Product to 1st class global software through careful and deliberate prioritization.
We work closely with your design team to ensure the proper workflow and assets are in place for timely delivery of software. If you need assistance in developing UX or UI, we have solutions in place to cater to any size company.


There is no silver bullet when it comes to handling software projects and leading software teams. Therefore we always adjust our methodology to suit a certain project. Usually we apply Scrum or Kanban or a combination of both. No matter what project management software is used, it is essential that all parties are on the same page. Additionally we make sure that there is always a set of well described tasks so that slack time is kept at an optimum level.

Daily Communication

No matter what cooperation model and methodology is employed, we encourage you to join our daily status calls. We leverage full transparency; you are always welcome to talk directly to our developers or to product/project managers. We usually use Slack & Hipchat for text communication and Google Hangout & Skype for a video/voice one. The customer IT team is also welcomed to continuously participate in code and pull-requests reviews.

Cost Structure

We charge an hourly rate for each project we participate in. We do not offer a flat price per project.  

Contact us to see if it makeS sense to continue the conversation.