We highly encourage companies who are looking to maximize their human capital ROI to consider augmenting their IT teams with Razor Bear.

We partner with you to build an effective team that will enable you to mobilize quickly, retain know-how, and access hard to find soft and technical skills. Clients participate in a three round interview which includes technical evaluation tests from companies such as Codility.com. All of our developers speak fluent English.

Once you approve a developer, he or she will report to and be managed by your project manager or key decision maker. We provide unlimited free help to ensure your chosen developer is keeping up and feels at home.


The latest edition of Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2015 yet again listed Krakow as number 9 among world's 100 best outsourcing destinations. Krakow hosts companies like IBM, Motorola, Google, Philips, HSBC, Sabre and others. Some of them employ more than 1000 software developers in Krakow. By working with Razorbear you gain access to local software talent and our unique expertise in the fields of local HR & operations. Razor Bear developers participate in internal and external trainings and workshops to stay on the leading edge of software development.

Razor Bear curates dedicated teams through existing employees, contractors, and recruiting efforts. We are able to organize and deploy teams within 10 days notice but recommend a 2-4 week ramp up, qualification, and preparation period. You may provide a project manager or you can choose a Razor Bear one.  

Until the completion of the project, Razor Bear provides shadow management for all employees. We ensure they are contributing all agreed upon hard and soft skills to drive the project and team forward.

Working Locations

The developers provided by Razor Bear work in one of Razor Bear’s offices in Poland or remotely. All the office, HR, payroll costs are included within a developer hourly rate. 

For companies looking to expand their company culture, unity, and long-term presence, we can assist in the establishment and management of a local office.

Cost Structure

Full time Razor Bear employees work 40 hour weeks with biweekly net terms. We provide competitive hourly rates based on seniority and duration of a project.

Razor Bear provides detailed weekly time reports. We charge in 15 minute increments. In case of staff augmentation model the developers report to and are managed by Customer. The developers may also log hours directly into Customer systems like JIRA, PivotalTracker or any other PM tool Customer chooses to use.